Certified Organic Gourmet Garlic

Certified Organic Red Russian Garlic
$2.75 per bulb

Sold out for 2019.

Check back in summer 2020.

Experience our bold garlic. Cooking with these big cloves is a delight.

Bulbs are minimum 5 cm (2") in size. Each bulb usually has six to eight cloves. Garlic keeps months in a cool, dark place.

Now taking orders for September. Free on-farm pick up or Canada Post delivery from $15.

Never again struggle with peeling a dozen sad little tasteless cloves from the supermarket.

Garlic with grater

Healthy Soils for Nutrient-Dense Food

The foundation of our soil health program is the "green manure" cover crop. A green manure is a multi-species mix of plants that we grow from May to August solely to feed the soil microbes, increase soil organic matter, and improve soil structure.

Our green manure includes legumes such as peas and clover which take nitrogen from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. This helps the garlic crop grow healthy and strong without using synthetic petrochemical fertilizers.

The green manure is tilled into the soil in August along with some rich compost before the garlic is planted in September.

Garlic with grater

Garlic Life Cycle

Garlic is a labour of love! After the garlic is planted in late September, we cover each bed with 12" of straw. The straw prevents damage during extreme cold spells and prevents desiccation during freeze thaw cycles. The straw has to be removed in early spring.

The garlic produces scapes in July. Scapes are the flower stem and we harvest them so the plant focuses its energy on bulb development. The scapes have a delicious mild garlic flavour and are excellent to eat.

We harvest our garlic in late July or early August. The garlic is hung to cure for at least three weeks to prevent the bulbs from spoiling. For the bulbs we save for seed, we split each bulb by hand into cloves and the process is ready to start all over again!

Garlic with grater

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