Katahdin Lamb, grass-fed, grass-finished

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We have a small family farm near Leduc, Alberta and our lambs are raised on a rich grass diet.

We raise the Katahdin breed which has a hair coat instead of wool, so they produce less lanolin oil compared to wool sheep. This makes for a wonderful mild flavour.

We are proud of our holistic management practices. To learn more see below.

Haywire farms lamb chops on the bbq

Lamb Sampler Pack

Our lamb sampler pack includes about 16 lbs of packaged cuts:

  • 1 rack roast
  • 8 loin chops
    ± 1" thick, packs of 4
  • 2 shanks
  • 1 bone-in leg roast
    Cut in half for easy roasting
  • 1 boneless shoulder roast
  • 3 lbs ground
    Packs of ± 1 lb

Cuts are wrapped in butcher paper and frozen.

Haywire farms lamb leg roast
Haywire Farms Katahdin Lamb Leg Roast.

Whole Lamb Pack
From $384


Each whole lamb pack contains the following cuts:

  • 2 rack roasts
  • Loin chops
    12 to 16 loin chops depending on lamb size.
    (± 1" thick, packs of 4)
  • 4 shanks
    (Packs of 2)
  • 2 bone-in leg roasts
  • 2 boneless shoulder roasts
  • Ground
    4 to 7 lbs depending on lamb size.
    (Packs of ± 1 lb)

Cuts are wrapped in butcher paper and frozen.

Pack Size

You choose the maximum size of whole lamb you would like:

Approximate weight of cuts Hanging weight Cost
29 lbs 45 lbs $384
32 lbs 50 lbs $424
35 lbs 55 lbs $464

Haywire farms 35 lb whole lamb pack
Haywire Farms Katahdin Lamb Pack. 35 lbs of packaged cuts shown.

Freezer space: 32 lbs of packaged cuts fit in a box that is 24" long x 16" wide x 9" deep.

No surprises: We match you with a lamb closest to the weight you specify. You will not be charged for more than you ordered if your lamb is larger. If your lamb is smaller, you are only charged for the smaller size.

Price: We sell by our lamb for $8.50 / lb hanging weight which is approximately $13.25/lb of packaged cuts.

Packaged cuts weight versus hanging weight: Hanging weight (also called rail weight) is the weight of the carcass prior to being cut and wrapped. The weight of the packaged cuts is 60% to 70% of the hanging weight.

Lean Katahdin Ground
$8.50 per lb

Katahdin ground is made using prime cuts and trim so it is leaner than lamb ground which is made from just trim.

Ground is wrapped in butcher paper and frozen in ± 1 lb packages.

Haywire farms 35 lb whole lamb pack

Pick Up

We are sold out for 2020. Please subscribe to our newsletter or check back in January to see our 2021 schedule!

Ewe and cat

Raised Under Organic Practices

Our pastures and the hay we grow to feed our sheep are Certified Organic by Pro-Cert.

Ewe flock in winter

No Added Hormones

Did you know... sheep in Canada never receive growth-promoting hormones because the practice is banned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

We don't administer pregnancy hormones such as progesterone to synchronize estrus in our ewes. This technique can be used so a group of ewes all conceive (and in theory then give birth) within a very narrow time frame. Administering pregnancy hormones isn't permitted under the Canadian Organic Standard and we are happy to just let nature handle the timing anyway!

Ewe on pasture

No Antibiotics

The lambs we sell directly to consumers have never received antibiotics.

All our animals receive the best evidence-based veterinary care. If our veterinarian were to decide an antibiotic is required then the animal would be treated and would eventually be sold at auction into the conventional supply chain.

With that said, we have only had to use an antibiotic once: our breeding ewe "Pita" injured her hoof in 2014 and an antibiotic was prescribed for treatment.

Benefits of Eating Seasonally

All our lambs are born in mid-May on pasture. Lambing in May has so many benefits compared to year-round production systems:

  • The weather is usually quite nice so we don't have to worry about wet lambs in sub-zero temperatures. We have emergency facilities to use should the weather not cooperate.
  • Lambing on fresh pasture is safer because the lambs are not exposed to the build-up of pathogens that are present in even the cleanest barn.
  • The ewes reach peak lactation by the time the pasture grasses are rapidly growing, so their nutritional needs are timed to best match what the environment can provide.
Ewe on pasture with llama

Environment and Diet

We use rotational grazing which means our sheep are moved to new pasture weekly and only graze on the same piece of pasture twice a year. Rotational grazing helps reduce the sheep's exposure to parasites, allows the forage plants to regrow, and helps to reduce soil compaction.

Ewe on pasture with llama

Health and Humane Treatment

Ewe in tall alfalfa


We work with a dedicated veterinarian to maintain a flock health program which includes vaccination and parasite testing. We trim the hooves of our breeding stock twice a year to prevent overgrowth which can cause discomfort.

Ryan sitting with ewe


Katahdin sheep have hair which sheds, so they don't require shearing. Hair sheep don't need their tails docked as one would have to with wool sheep. We have a low stress handling system for vaccinations and hoof trimming.

Ewe on pasture with llama


Our flock is very calm and moving sheep around the farm requires nothing more than a nice alfalfa bale and they follow.

Quality Assurance and Biosecurity

100% of our lambs are born on our farm, so we know their entire history and know they are raised under our strict management practices.

We have a "closed flock" which means we don't buy new ewes and instead only bring in new rams for breeding purposes. Keeping a closed flock helps to reduce the risk of introducing diseases.

Here are two of our rams: Eli and Dakota. They are from Montana and we are very pleased with the strong genetic traits they bring to our flock.

Rams Eli and Dakota

Flock Safety

We use multiple layers of protection to keep our flock safe from predators such as coyotes and wandering dogs.

Page wire perimeter fence


We use high-quality field fence, electric wire, and portable electric-mesh fencing to keep predators out.

Livestock guardian dog

Guardian Dog

We have a fantastic Maremma/Pyrenees livestock guardian dog named Leia who patrols inside our perimeter fence. In 2018 we adopted Rey, an Anatolian shepherd, to help Leia protect our flock.

Livestock guardian llama

Guardian Llama

Llamas naturally have a strong dislike for canines. Our guardian llama, Flare, lives exclusively with the sheep. She is very protective of her flock and is always on alert.

We love answering questions about our farm and our lamb. Please feel free to get in touch!