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Great Taste is our Specialty

We. Love. Food. Food brings people together. Making time to prepare a meal is an amazing thing.

Great memories start with great ingredients.

Who We Are

We are Ryan and Trevor. We are a gay couple that left full-time careers in healthcare to move back to Trevor's family farm... and convert it to Certified Organic. In an era where most farms are getting larger and more specialized, we are proud to remain small and diversified. Haywire enough?

Trevor's family has been farming in Leduc for four generations. We are restoring Trevor's grandparents' farmyard buildings and working with Trevor's Dad to farm our Certified Organic crop land.

Ryan grew up in rural Alaska and picked up his grandfather's green thumb. Ryan volunteered on different farms in Washington including one that made artisan cheese and one that farmed with draft horses.

In 2011 Trevor's mom was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and died at age 62. So many people share a similar story of spending a lifetime putting aside dreams and waiting for a retirement that never comes due to terminal illness or a freak accident. Reflecting on this lead to a massive shift in life priorities and started the journey back to farm.

Jumping from a place of security into a new adventure filled with uncertainty is unbelievably scary but also endlessly rewarding and we are so happy we took that leap.

Trevor and Ryan

Ryan and Trevor

Tomato Radio

We recently were on an episode of the Tomato Magazine podcast, Tomato Radio!

We had a fantastic conversation with Mary and Amanda about our farm. We discussed questions that folks can be asking farmers to ensure you are getting good value for money and that you find farms which share your values. Vote with your dollars!

Take a listen on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, or your favourite pod app.

Our goal is to produce all our own food. Why?


Somehow food quality at the supermarket got pushed aside in the race to make food cheap.

Quality to us is a cornucopia of amazing flavours, unique varieties, exciting colours, and different textures. Quality is knowing food was watered with safe water and handled in a safe manner.

The Environment

We are using regenerative practices to build soil organic matter and sequester carbon. We make extensive use of cover crops to have plants building roots and producing root exudates to feed the soil microbiology. We manage our livestock using rotational grazing to supercharge these soil-building activities.

Our practices minimize soil erosion and prevent nutrient run off. We value our riparian areas for the biodiversity they foster so we have fences to keep our livestock away from waterways.

Animal Welfare

We love our animals. We also eat meat. Our animals live in large paddocks not feedlots. They receive top notch veterinarian care if required. Our ruminant animals are grass-fed and grass-finished.

We work with a small abattoir that processes a handful of animals a day in a calm environment rather than one that processes thousands a day.

We love answering questions about our farm. Please feel free to get in touch!