Grass-fed Beef

Grass-fed Lean Ground Beef, Frozen
$6 per lb

Ground beef is sold out for 2019. Order your next ground beef for June 2020.

Grass-fed, grass-finished. No grain. No added hormones. No antibiotics. Frozen in 2 lb packs.

Free Pick up on-farm in late June or $5 delivery available in the metro Edmonton area.

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Pick Up

Beef pick up dates for 2020 will be:

  • June 20+21, 2020

Pick up will be on our farm located 10 minutes south of Leduc just off Highway 2. Directions will be sent by email. If you are unable to pick up your order on the date indicated, please contact us to coordinate another mutually agreeable date and time.

We offer free farm tours when you pick up a order so you can see how our animals are raised.


$5 delivery in the metro Edmonton area with a minimum order of 10 lbs.

We will be in contact at the beginning of November to schedule a delivery time that works for you.

Our Philosophy

We believe livestock are fundamental to healthy soil on an organic farm.

Cattle supercharge soil building and beef is the amazing byproduct.

Cattle and Soil Health

Having cattle means we can incorporate a multi-year hay crop into our cereal crop rotation. The grasses and legumes help build soil organic matter, sequester carbon, and prevent erosion. Incorporating hay in a cereal crop rotation is one of the few ways to eliminate perennial weeds such as thistle without using extreme tillage. We compost all our winter straw bedding and manure. This rich compost is returned back to field to avoid exporting nutrients.

We also use our cattle to graze and trample our cover crops. The stress on the plants from grazing triggers amazing recovery growth. The trampling of grasses helps to cover the soil to preserve soil moisture. And, of course, the manure coming out the back end of the cow is excellent fertilizer.

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Grass-fed, Grass-finished

That means no grain and no green feed (cereal crop cut for animal feed). Our pastures and the hay we grow to feed our cattle are Certified Organic by Pro-Cert. Our calves born in 2019 (for butcher in 2021) will be Certified Organic. While the beef we have for sale now is not officially organic, it was raised following the same standards in the Canadian Organic Regime.

It takes 28 months to finish a grass-fed, grass-finished animal versus 16 months for a grain finished one. For us the soil health benefits far outweigh any efficiency gained from using grain to get a cow to market faster.

No Added Hormones

We don't use growth hormone implants. Again, focusing on soil health, we see no advantage to artificially having a cow grow faster.

We also don't use pregnancy hormones such as progesterone to synchronize estrus. This technique can be used so a group of cows all conceive (and in theory then give birth) within a very narrow time frame. Administering pregnancy hormones isn't permitted under the Canadian Organic Standard and we are happy to just let nature handle the timing anyway!

No Antibiotics

The beef we sell directly to consumers has never received antibiotics.

All our animals receive the best evidence-based veterinary care. If our veterinarian were to decide an antibiotic is required then the animal would be treated and would eventually be sold at auction into the conventional supply chain.

We love answering questions about our farm. Please feel free to get in touch!